This page contains the courses I am teaching/have taught thus far. Click on the appropriate link to access course content.

  • Fall 2019 -CSC 203

    Problem Solving with Objects

    Covers fundamentals of algorithms and object-oriented software development. Includes these topics: primitive and reference data types, classes, methods, selection, iteration, parameters, recursion, exception handling, arrays, file I/O, inheritance, polymorphism, program testing and documentation, introduction to GUIs and introduction to sorting and searching techniques and other basic algorithms. Requires extensive programming and supervised laboratory sessions.


  • Fall 2019 - CSC 423/523

    Web Application Development

    Covers the basic principles involved in developing Web-based applications that operate with a back-end relational database. Includes these topics: basics of HTTP-based client-server systems, web page creation with XHTML/CSS, client-side scripting, server-side software development, interfacing to relational databases, model-view separation, database serialization/viewing using XML/XSLT. Requires team project involving design/setup of database server and development of application interfacing to database.


  • Summer 2018 - CSE 421/521

    Introduction to Operating Systems

    The course introduces students to the general principles of operating systems. The syllabus in this introductory course provides students with a clear and solid understanding of the well-established concepts implemented in a typical operating system.

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