My primary research revolves around creating solutions for practical human needs – such as effective rehabilitation of the elderly. I employ a combination of statistics and mobile programming for enhancing the lifestyle of the elderly.

My other research concerns with optimizations of 3D Printers- be its energy consumption, the safety of operation or time to print.  I try to envision novel computer architectures to enhance 3D Printers.


If you are looking for the supplementary material associated with each study, please click on its corresponding publication link.

  • Concerning Geriatrics

    Towards Pervasive Monitoring

    A quick, coarse and short study to identify whether skeleton-extracting Deep Learning models can reliably monitor the Parkinsonian Gait on publicly available videos: BHI18

    New Approaches for Stroke Rehabilitation

    Collaborated with Dr. Feng Lin to write code for the smart-mat employed in his study concerning Upper Extremity Rehabilitation: WH16

  • Concerning 3D Printers

    Reducing the energy consumption of 3D Printer

    Motivating the problem of high energy consumption in 3D Printers: APSys 16

    Solution to reduce energy consumption by 25%: ASPLOS 17