Research Statement

My primary research revolves around creating solutions for practical human needs of the elderly. From that perspective, I conduct validation and reliability studies on wearable devices that monitor gait of stroke patients.

My secondary research revolves around optimizations on 3D Printers. With the recent boom in 3D Printers, I personally find many optimizations loopholes – the philosophies of which were studied extensively by computer architects in the past.  I focus on applying computer optimization strategies onto 3D Printers to lower production cost and make 3D Printers accessible to all.

  • Architectures 3D Printers

    Reduce energy consumption of 3D Printers. By correcting re-orienting the printing design, we are able to reduce power consumption of the 3D Printer by 25%.


    ASPLOS 17 | APSys 16

  • Pervasive Gait Analysis in Geriatrics

    Methodologies, validation and reliability studies of technologies that monitor older adults and those with disabilities (such as stroke) while they perform their activities of daily living.