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Democratizing Gait Analysis in Ecological Settings: Implementation, Validation and Applications

Jerry Ajay
State University of New York, University at Buffalo, Ph.D. Dissertation, 2019

Recent advances in smart devices have made seamless monitoring of an individual’s gait in ecological settings possible. Several applications are envisioned that bring clinicians and technologists to work together in monitoring health through gait in a large ecological scale. With proven viability that technology can aid in pervasive healthcare, it is still very challenging to establish a common notion of ’trust’ between technologists and therapists due to factors such as adherence of technology to ground truth, and the like. To mitigate such fundamental challenges, in this dissertation, two works are presented that have been devised both by technologist and therapists right from the inception. The works include: 1) a wearable-cloud (WC) framework, and 2) a smartphone-cloud (SC) framework. The goal of this dissertation is to portray the methodologies required to establish the common ’trust’ between technologists and therapists. WC-framework provides a framework for Stroke affected individuals and therapists to remotely connect with one another. The SC-framework uses vision-based advancements to aid individuals to self-monitor their gait using a smartphone camera, with a special emphasis in monitoring a Parkinsonian Gait.