Installing VirtualBox

Go to



Now, click on Download VirtualBox 5.2 Button. You would be led to this page:




If you are using Windows operating system, click on the ‘Windows host’ link. Automatically a 119MB VirtualBox-5.2.12.exe file would be downloaded onto your computer.


Double-click the .exe file downloaded onto your computer to see a ‘dialog box’ like this:


Click on run.


On this page, do not change any parameters since the default options themselves work fine enough. Click next


I prefer the links to be in their default checked positions.


Just keep clicking next until the installation procedure started. The installation was completed within 1 minute.


When you start VirtualBox, your default interface would look like:



Congratulations! You have installed VirtualBox.

The installation size of VirtualBox is usually around 174 MB

Now, you need to load a Virtual Machine (VM) on it.


Loading a .ova Appliance in VirtualBox


Acquire a VM from any websites. In this tutorial, I already have a .ova file with me that is a Virtual Machine. I’ll try loading the .ova file in the VirtualBox.

To load the .ova file, I go the File dropdown and click on Import Appliance, as soon as I do that, I would see a pop-up box looking like this:


I browse through the File Explorer (by clicking on the small icon on the right) and select the path in which the .ova file is downloaded

I click next.

I keep clicking next without changing any of the default settings until the appliance finishes importing.

(For a 4GB File, it usually takes around 2 mins on a typical laptop)


If the procedure worked fine, then you have loaded a virtual machine onto VirtualBox. Good job!


If everything works fine, your VM would be visible in VirtualBox as follows:


To start, click on the virtual machine and click on the green right arrow button to start the VM. A splash screen would come up looking like:


If everything works fine, then congratulations! You are all set to enjoy and mess around with your new VM.



Resolving errors


If you get an error like this:

the fix is simple. It is just an unexpected end-of-file error.


Just extract the file using any common archiving tool such as 7Zip, winzip, winrar, etc.

Click on close button when you see the message unexpected end of data

You would basically be able to see the .ova file split into two parts: a .ovf file and its associated disk image in .vmdk format


Apply the above-described procedure (loading a .ova file onto VirtualBox) to import the .ovf file in the exact same procedure