Jerry Ajay

I have a unique name: ‘Jerry’ Ajay. Names such as mine is common among Christians in India. I focus on being a human first and everything else next.

I come from a mid-sized city in India called Bangalore – popular for its software companies and its amazing gardens.

Research predominantly occupies most of my time. I occasionally play the piano and play Chess (my FIDE ranking was 4673 when I quit mainstream competitions 6 years back).

I stood 3rd globally in the International Informatics Olympiad in my 11th grade and was selected as the top 1% of The Great Mind Challenge organized by IBM during my undergrad. Apart from these, I won numerous mental math competitions at school and undergraduation – the certificates of which are just piled higher and deeper in my apartment attic.

The easiest way to reach me is at:
jerryant [at] buffalo [dot] edu